Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Sat Mar 11 17:37:06 EST 2000

I would like to obtain an original or decent copy of this manual.

I've already got a preliminary manual for my RBL-3 which was published by
the contractor, Wells-Gardner. However it is just that - preliminary. Kinda
terse on some things, quite lacking in others. Among the details we usually
enjoy in the mil manuals are socket resistances, alignment info and even
the tube socket pins printed on the schematic(!)  I would like to get a
government issue manual which should have more detail. I have my RBL-3 on
the bench now and could use at least the alignment info.

Actually, has there ever been a NAVSHIPS manual printed for this beast?? I
just know of one other Preliminary manual owned by another RBL colleague
and haven't yet heard of a NAVSHIPS.

Thanks for the help!

Regards,  Chris
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