Hamfiar report and BA Era device question... (help!)

John Ellingson johnk7os at MAIL.TSS.NET
Mon Mar 13 12:41:15 EST 2000

Dave was right on with his comments about the Swap Meet.  One thing
about the KWS-1, $1300 is a very good price for a unit in good shape.
But, when you opened the door to the power supply, it was a mess.  It
looked like it was used a back splash for a urinal.  It was so corroded
with mice pee that is was unusable.  When I get the picture developed, I
will post it.  The person bought a transmitter, which was in pretty good
shape.   It was really ugly, or as we said in College, "fugly"

The swap was better then I thought it was going to be.  Ebay has an
affect, but so does the price of gas.

John K7OSK

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