Wanted: NC-300 parts/Antenna relay

Mark Langenfeld mlangen at EXECPC.COM
Mon Mar 13 14:46:06 EST 2000

If anyone is parting-out an NC-300 (or -303), I am looking for the two
vertical metal strips that cover the rack-mounting cutouts at each side of
the front panel. I think these are purely cosmetic, but I'd like to
replace the missing ones on my '300 anyway.

Also looking for a good, serviceable Dow Key relay with SO-239s AND
external SPDT switch (actually would prefer a DPDT accessory switch -- but
I can't recall whether that was an available option). Would also consider
a nice EFJ 275W Matchbox w/internal T/R relay and switching.

Can anyone help?

Thanks and 73,

Mark  WA9ETW

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