FS: Museum-Quality LS-474/U Speaker

Jan N0JR swanman at CFU.NET
Thu Mar 16 16:36:32 EST 2000

I have a near-mint LS-474/U military loudspeaker, the top-quality
matching speaker for R-390A, SP-600, and similar military receivers.
This one was made by Radalab, is serial 0962, and comes with the
removeable side bracket (installable either left or right side) for rack
mounting.  Electronically it is 4 watts, wireable for either 3.2 or 600
ohms (currently 600), 200-5000 hz response.  Works perfectly, with very
sharp audio clarity.  Cosmetically it is basically NOS: I have tested
it, and the only marks on it are the ones it got sitting on the military
warehouse shelf where I found it. $145 + $5 to ship firm, sorry no
trades.  Tks es 73!  Jan N0JR
"There is no end to what you can accomplish
if you don't care who gets the credit."

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