Exact 501A help

Ray Robinson robinson at SRSUNA.SHLRC.MQ.EDU.AU
Thu Mar 16 17:07:01 EST 2000

Hi Bob,

> I have an Exact 501A VCF/sweep function generator
> that I want to use but it's not working right guess
> thats why it was a bargain?
Before you do anything, replace EVERY tag tantalum capacitor.
Then it will probably work.

We have a 517 at work and I have the same model at home.
Each time I went to use the work one, it was dead.
I'd spend a few hours finding the fault, a shorted tant.
Same fault every time, different tant.
Since I have replaced the lot, it has been great.
I bought mine at a ham fest, labeled "parts only",
I replaced every tant, and it works fine.

> I need the manual and have
> been checking the usual sources with no luck. Anyone
> have or know where I can get a manual..
I can help ypu with a copy of the 513,516,517 manual.

Ray vk2ilv

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