[R-390] FS: Museum-Quality LS-474/U Speaker

Jan N0JR swanman at CFU.NET
Thu Mar 16 22:53:59 EST 2000

How childish. Grow up, little man.

Ed Zeranski wrote:
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> Subject: [R-390] FS: Museum-Quality LS-474/U Speaker
> >I have a near-mint LS-474/U military loudspeaker
>  $145 + $5 to ship firm, sorry no
> >trades.  Tks es 73!  Jan N0JR
>     I do not often publicly comment on these things but the above price is
> idiotic. Never paid more than $10 for a 474,  even new in box.  Most folks
> do not want them.    I'm sorry , the above offering pushed a button. LS-474
> is/was a very common Navy speaker with 600 ohm xfmr so should not be posted
> at that price.  N0JR may have been misled but $145 surely needs
> reevaluation.

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