soundnmind soundnmind at RICA.NET
Sun Mar 19 11:31:11 EST 2000

Hello Fellow AM'rs
Unless something comes up (sky falls in snow or rain, I get sick, etc.) I
will be at Timonium this next week end in the tailgate area.
Hopefully, I will have a rebuilt Valiant there. Things are progressing
nicely at this point on it. This one I'm restoring pretty much "factory
audio" w / few mods. So will sell at a price accordingly (neighborhood of
$625). Cab & panel will be refurbed & look new.
Yes I do take trades. I am always looking for Rangers. I am also looking for
(I said I wouldnt do this again!!) a fairly clean Valiant. Panel & cab
doesnt have to be nice. I have a OM that wants one & the one I have on the
shelf is going to require a lot of work. Also I am interested in Hammar
HQ-180s, especially the "C" w / vernier tuning, etc. They MUST be clean &
working well on all bands (except for alignment, etc. Panel & cab need not
be mint for I will refurb them anyway.
Also if you have any REAL CERTIFIED OLD RAILROAD pocket watches (Hamilton,
Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, Ball, Howard) or nice gold dress pocket watches, I
will take them in trade. On anything in this catagory, let me know in
advance via email so we can talk.
Warm regards to all. See you on AM & look forward to "eyeball" at Timonium.
Dee, W4PNT
Patty & Dee's Marina  Collectors of "firebottle" radios 534 W. Main St.
Waynesboro, Va. 22980 (540)249-3161 cell:(540)471-7023

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