BC-610 acquesition

gpewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Sun Mar 19 14:23:08 EST 2000

Saturday I picked up (with help) my newest toy, a BC-610-I  with speech
amp.  It's in good working
condition (as soon as I get it upstairs and re-assembled) and I was very
pleased with the condition
and the price.  Good thing I took along some extra money as the seller had
some additional
goodies.  I ended up with a Frequency Shift Exciter  O-39C/TRA7 in Case
and Radio Teletypewriter Control  C-808/GRC-26A in Case Radioteletypewriter
Control CY-901/GRC-26A.
I have a manual for the 610 but -NEED MANUALS- for the Speech Amp BC-614-I,
the The Freq Shift Exciter
O-39C, and the Radio Teletypewriter Control C-808.  I still need the
Antenna Tuner BC-939, and a
Junction Box JB-70 with manuals if possible.
You ought to see his other gear!  Everything on my dream list.  And it may
be on the market soon as
he's moving to a smaller house.  Can you say Desk Kilowatt, Johnson
500,  Gates AM transmitter?
Wish I could afford it all.
Keep looking, they are out there.
Thanks in advance for any leads, suggestions, help, or advice.  73  Gary

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