few paper tidbits

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Mon Mar 20 04:47:40 EST 2000

EICO 625 TV picture tube test adaptor, tube list & data
EICO 625 supplement to 625-03 roll chart (obsolete/ seldom used types)
above pages are free

LOGBOOK, ARRL, 3 pages written on, dated 1938 / NC100X, rest
unused, $6 i ship

13 copies Short Wave Magazine ( U.K.) late 1940s. Truthfully, these
are not that interesting, not as interesting as US magazines from same
era. Technical articles and some ads for UK equipment.
Cost is only actual shipping charge, rounded to next higher dollar,
probably around $5 to ship.

The T&R Bulletin  (U.K.)   5/ 1938       U.K. ham magazine, not
extremely interesting but interesting, cost is actual shipping cost,
probably just over $1.

HQ-100 advertisement sheet, will person who contacted me about
this about 1 month ago, whom i promised this, write me again please.

IF you want something of the above, reply with actual pmail
address in first email.
Tnx, Hue Miller

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