FS: Collins 75S-3 receiver with 200 cycle filter

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Mon Mar 20 07:11:38 EST 2000

Hi Gang:

It's getting close to moving time and I have to lighten the load a
bit.  This is a nice Collins 75S-3 receiver that has the Collins 200 cycle
filter installed as well as a 2.1 mechanical filter for SSB.  It also
receives AM at about 6.0 Kc bandwidth.  It works well but probably could
use an alignment session to make it even better.  The case and the radio
are clean and everything appears to be original.  However for a few
cosmetic "blemishes" this radio is being sold for utility use.  These
blemishes consist of some normal wear on the front panel and cabinet that
have been touched up but are still visible under close examination.

I was planning on putting this receiver together with my Johnson Navigator
as a CW station (No, the Navigator is NOT for sale!) but my plans have
somewhat changed in this regard.

I am asking $600.00 plus shipping for this nice receiver.  If interested
please reply by e-mail.


Michael Crestohl,
mc at sover.net

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