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Richard E. Robinson rerobins at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Tue Mar 21 15:31:56 EST 2000

The following message is being forwarded from the qrp-l list.  Mike has a
generator he would like to restore and is looking for an engine manual for
the CE-015-AC.

Can anyone help him?

Reply directly to Mike Maiorana, mikemo at attglobal.net.

Thanks and 73,

Rick kf4ar

Begin forwarded message ...

I was wondering if any of my qrp-l friends could help me out with this.
I rescued an older (1963) gasoline generator from the trash. Was working
for the previous owner until it spun the crankshaft off at the flywheel.
I'd like to resurrect it if possible. I'm guessing that I can either get
a replacement crankshaft, or find a really good machinist to try to
repair it.

The question is, does anyone know of a person or group who might have
access to spare parts to such old equipment?
The generator is a Hol-Gar model CE-015-AC (FSN 6115-887-8644), 1.5KW
gasoline generator, US Army issue. The engine is a Continental Motors
Corp. military standard model 2A016-II (FSN 2805-714-8553), 2 cylinder 4
stroke 16 cubic inch 3 HP.

If not, does anyone know a machinist who can fix a broken crank shaft on
a 3HP motor?

Thanks very much. OBQRP, this could run the air conditioner in the QRP
tent on field day (gets hot here in Florida in the summer ;-)
Mike Maiorana, KU4QO

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