amps & mic price reduced

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Mar 22 18:37:49 EST 2000

 Mic is a Turner 454X SSB mic. Wired for Kenwood TS-520/530/130/820/830 rigs
(four pin mic jack). Works great. $40 shipped lower 48.

 First amp:
Northern Radio Company N542 Kilowatt HF amp. It has six user set channels
that cover 2-30 mhz. runs a  pair of 3-500Zs (not included). There is no PS.
Designed to run with a supply that will provide 4 KV. This amp is built like
a tank. Sat in the previous owners shed for 16 years, uncovered, but out of
the weather. Needs lots of cleaning up on the top but the underside looks
excellent. Uses a pair of Eimac SK-410 air system sockets. I do not have the
chimneys. The filament choke is missing. It uses a B&W model 800 plate
choke. There are six banks of 4500 volt air variables for the plate tuning
side and a bank of six much smaller spaced air variables for the loading
side. There are also numerous RF rated doorknobs, some 7.5 kv and some 5 kv.
There is no blower (but needs one).

 The tank coil is motorized so this is a very unique but probably difficult
project amp. I do not have any documentation. My plan was to resurrect back
to life but it is too involved with this motorized tank set up and I want to
devote my time towards my vintage AM side of the shack (Got Valiant I or
II?). You could re-do the tank. The large heavy duty ceramic switch is

 The front panel is a 19inch rack mount that is 16" tall. It has the
following switches on the front:

 1. filament and plate power on and off with indicators
2. channel 1-6 with indicators
3. local/remote with indicator
4. Po, Ik, Ip, Vp and the associated meter reads 0 to 1.0.

 Also has two fuse holders on the front panel.

 Price is $165 shipped lower 48.

Second amp is a Henry 1KD5. Needs a plate xmfr. This one has the original
ECA plate xmfr (ergo, crappy). The amp also needs a tube (single 3-500Z) but
the chimney is included. Also have a copy of the manual. This amp covers 80
to 10 meters and will work on the WARC bands. It uses a single 3-500Z (not
included). Around 60 watts in will give 700 out. Use your own plate supply
or build one up yourself. Dahl had replacement plate xmfrs for $175.00. See .

 Price is $225 shipped lower 48.

San Diego

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