Pierson-Holt KE-93 Receiver

Bob bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Thu Mar 23 21:30:31 EST 2000

A nifty little receiver, but not GC  tis a ham band only with BC band if
memory serves (had one years ago.  worked fine but was a real drift master
and the problem was the ceramic trimmers in the TV tuner type drum turrent)
Otherwist  a nice unit.

    Bob, KE6F
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From: Larry Wolken <rhys at IX.NETCOM.COM>
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 6:03 PM
Subject: Pierson-Holt KE-93 Receiver

> Hi Gang --
> I am expecting the delivery of a Pierson-Holt KE-93 in the next few days.
> It is a 12 tube dual conversion GC receiver from the '50's.
> Any of you have any experience with this rig or know anything of the
> company's history?  It's a bit unusual in that it was very compact and
> intended for mobile use .  Any owner's experience with hints or kinks on
> would be much appreciated.
> 73
> Larry N3OJD

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