Johnson Invader 2000 on (ack ptui) ebay

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Sun Mar 26 22:46:56 EST 2000

FYI, there's a Johnson Invader 2000 (yes, the 2000 -- the desktop kilowat)
on that auction place.  It's not mine, but I think they are cool and regret
selling mine.

The price is right on this one, although the power supply is very
rough, the TX cabinet could use a restoration-quality repaint, and
the 9 MHz crystal filter appears to have been replaced.  Other than that,
it is pretty clean and intact.

The seller claims he has all the tubes and they are tested good,
but pulled for storage/shipment.  He said nothing about the
crystals, which were all pulled in the photographs.

Check it out.  I have to pass on this one, but if one closer to
Texas pops up....


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