Online Tube Tester Data for D/L

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Sun Mar 26 22:52:46 EST 2000

Ok first, the I-177 tube tester data has had serious updates including
some notes on using the data with some older Hickok "commercial" testers
like the AC51 , 51X , T53 , 510X , 530 , 540 , 545 , 550X , 560 , 560SPL
  , KS9237 , etc. Yep, it's bigger and better than ever and the locked
page screen size problem that kept a few of you from using it on
displays set at lower resolutions has been fixed. If you spot any
typos or other things that shouldn't be, email me and I'll correct
it and upload a corrected version. The current version is 0.98.

Second, I finished the TV-2 series military tube tester project
today. I finally completed typing all of the data from my TV-2B roll
chart and merged it with the 72 page 1966 TV-2 series supplement
booklet that I typed in and made available for download a couple of
years ago. Now it's all in one big file. One big file that no longer
has the locked screen size problem that previous versions did that
caused a few of you problems with viewing the data. If you spot any
errors or other problems, give me a holler and I'll update it.

Thirdly, I've updated my TV-7 series tube tester data list of manuals
and supplements that I have. There are sill a couple of the supplements
that I'm missing.

I'm going to take a little break and hope to start compiling the
electronic version of all of the TV-7 settings data in a couple of
weeks or so when the skin grows back over the tips of my fingers. :-)

In the mean time, see if you have either of the supplements that
I'm missing. I'd like to include them in the file.

You can hit my main page at and
access the I-177 , TV-2 , and TV-7 pages.

If you have problems connecting, I maintain a mirror site at:

Oh, these files are zipped Excel workbook format files. I have
a link on both the I-177 and TV-2 pages to allow you to download
a free viewer from the Microsoft site in the event that you don't
have or use MS Excel or any of the other programs that will handle
an Excel file. The free viewer requires Win 95 or later or NT 3.51
or later.

And NO, I have no plans at this time to offer it in other formats at
this time. Perhaps later. Perhaps. If I can spend untold hundreds and
hundreds of hours typing this stuff in, you can put a little effort
forth on your end to obtain the software to view it. If not, you're
best bet is to spend a couple of hundred dollars and buy copies of
all of the manuals that my file replaces.

thanks in advance,

"if you see us running, catch up"
bomb squad motto

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