Galaxy 5 MKIII

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed May 10 07:42:25 EDT 2000

Hi Emile.

The last one I owned was given to me circa 1975 (it was considered OLD

It was dead on transmit, but received OK. What I found was that they had
used a small cathode resistor to bias the sweep tube finals.

Having tested the tubes they seemed to be OK. SO I went and bought a
replacement resistor, and BINGO! It was fixed. I made a number of contacts
on that rig before giving and back and going out to buy a shiny new FT-101E,
which I have to say, was a FAR FAR superior transceiver!

On 8 May 00, at 11:17, Emile Imberman wrote:

> Hi,
>        So, as I have made a commitment to trade for a Galaxy 5 MKIII and
> PS/Speaker, I realize that my experience with the Galaxy  products are minimal.
> I enjoy doing this sort of thing and if everything works, no one gets hurt.  I
> wonder if there are any Gurus out there that can provide me information, ie
> highlights of features, good things, bad things or just a location on the WEB
> where I can find info and pictures.   I think this qualifies for Vintage SSB
> ?????   Thanks in advance for any help.
>                                         Emile,   W5EMI

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