mil tube tester info update

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Wed May 10 12:37:20 EDT 2000

I've typed in well over a thousand lines of settings data so
far for the TV-7 series tube tester from the January 1962 edition
of the TB 11-6625-274-12/1 settings book. I'm using the edition
with Changes up thru number 3 incorporated. After I finish
typing in all of the data from this book, I'll start adding
all of the Air Force 32* changes. I've got almost all of them
but am still missing a few. A list of them is on my site. If you
have access to any of the several that I'm missing, drop me a note.
Another six weeks or so and.....  <grin>

Actually, if a few of you would care to spend some time, proof
reading it, I'd be happy to send you a section. Say, all of the
0xx, or 1xx, or 2xx numbered tubes. For the 6xx tubes, I'll
break it down as 6Axx, 6Bxx. etc. Let me know which section
you'd like to proof and I'll attach it to you. They are in
EXCEL workbook format. Details for downloading a free viewer
from Microsoft are on my site.

I recently acquired another military tube tester model. It's
a TV-4A/U built by Weston in about 1953. I intend to do a file
on it also as far as instructions and the data settings go as
soon as the current TV-7 project is done. So, I'm now in the
information gathering stages for the TV-4 series tester. I think
that it was originally part of the I-56 series test set. So,
if you have a TV-4 series and or data for one, I'd really
appreciate hearing from you.

Oh, my site is at:  and a mirror
site is at:  There have been recent
updates to the I-177 and TV-2 series settings data files.


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