FS: S40B/S77A Parts

Dave Noon david.noon at ODYSSEY.ON.CA
Fri May 12 21:04:11 EDT 2000

 All parts are POSTAGE PAID unless otherwise stated.
 All items in vg to excellent condition.
 Halli part numbers in brackets.

   **** S40B  ****

 Bandspread Dial    $10
 Speaker with cardboard baffle and mounting hardware (85B050)  $17
 1st IF Transformer   (50C243)    $5
 2nd IF Transformer (50C243)     $5
 IF Transformer, detector stage  (50C242)   $5

  **** S77A **** (parts may fit S40B also)

 All controls and switches  - ask
 Front panel for SC-77A: Small mark under dial area, otherwise good condition.
                         Some small scratches, nothing major.
                         Lettering vg - 'BY' on STANDBY is missing.
                         POSTAGE EXTRA ON PANEL.

73  Dave  VA3DN

Amateur Radio  VA3DN
London, Ontario, Canada
david.noon at odyssey.on.ca

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