Items for Sale or Trade

Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed May 24 17:03:20 EDT 2000

The SCSC Museum Inc. Is retiring, for sale or trade, items that do not
immediately fit into the layout plan for Fiscal Year2000.
Proceeds from these sales or trade will benefit additional items to be
secured in the following year.

As trading is a preferred practice by most museum officials, I have not put
the price on these items. They can be purchased however and if interested
please contact me and we will negotiate. Please do not do an "E-Bay" on
me...and I promise you I will not do an "E-Bay" on you!!

The items are as follows:

1. T47/ART-13. Very Nice Cndx. Missing the RF Ammeter only. Original
unmodified Cndx.

2. USN ATC-1 (similar to ART-13). Original Cndx. No Mods. Complete. SCARCE!!

2A. Antenna Switch Box SA-22/ART 13. NOS!

3.BRAND NEW HRO Dial w/gearbox and ceramic couplers. All NEW!!

4. Tuning Units. For BC-191/375. Brand New (Old Stock) TU-5B and TU-26B.

5. Wireless Set No46. WW11 British HF Walkie Talkie. GUD CNDX!! No Tubes or
Plug-In Coils. Excellent!!

6. BRAND NEW (NOS) RL-42B In Box w/ Reel etc. Aircraft Antenna Motorized

7. New Boxed "Sling-Multiple Leg" These are the slings fer the AN/PRC-6's
have 15!! Will take offer on all 15.

8. BAG, ACCESSORY  -10028A for USN TBX-* Hand Generator.

9. Open to easy trade or sale on a USN RAS-5 Receiver c/w all ORIGINAL
COILS, Rack, COIL BOX, Speaker and PSU. Serail Numbers match!!!

Folks, I'm easy to deal with. I Like E-Bay..but want to do my part to keep
this as a sensibly priced hobby...if we don't...we ain't gonna have this as
a hobby!
Thanks for your time....Tony Grogan

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