Hi-Mound bug

Tom hoitenga at ATL.BELLSOUTH.NET
Wed May 24 11:50:29 EDT 2000

    Monarch was the big name brand for
this type of "bug"....assuming (sorry about
that word) that it is enclosed on the top
with a clear plastic cover....had four
suction cup type feet, etc.
                            Tom (Georgia)

Jeffrey Herman wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> I'm looking for a "bug in a coffin" -- a bug encased in black plastic
> with a clear plastic cover. I had one when I was a kid (I can never
> understand why I got rid of such things!). I'm told these were made
> by Hi-Mound??
> It will be used on a Heath DX-60 xmtr.
> 73 from Hawaii,
> Jeff KH6O

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