Oldies but goodies

Bob Maser w6tr at MINDSPRING.COM
Thu May 25 19:01:26 EDT 2000

His call is KE4RSU and he will ship some of the stuff he has for sale.
Seems to be a great guy.  I'll know for sure after I receive the Ranger II I bought from him.
Bob W6TR
Allan Stephens <modsteph at ACS.EKU.EDU> wrote:
> Gang:

     Last night in the back hills of eastern Kentucky I met a guy who
has been collecting for a long, long time.  He has an incredible
of all kinds of parts for those who are looking for same... but more
he wants to sell some equipment:

     E.F. Johnson Desk kilowatt: two for $2000 (pedestal with amplifier;
no rest-of-desk).  Will split at $1500 and $500 - the $500 one has a bad

transformer.  (Wish I could afford it)

     Heath DX-100 (no cabinet) -- $100

     Heath TX-1 Apache -- $100

     Hammarlund SP-600 rack mount -- $150

     Hallicrafters HT-9 transmitter -- $100

     BC-610 transmitter (two cabinets) + speech amplifier -- $200

     I got a couple things from him.  An older gentleman, quite
lives in Lily, Kentucky - south of London, off in the hills a ways.  He
not want to ship these things (obviously!) but does want to sell them
asked if I would pass the word along.  No internet connection.

     Doing so.  Talk to him:

     Roy Cornett (don't remember his call)
     606  528-7537

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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