Mechanical Filter question

John Kolb jlkolb at CTS.COM
Mon May 29 22:55:39 EDT 2000

On Sat, 27 May 2000, talen wrote:

> I have a Collins  526-9714-010 Mechanical filter. I believe the
> CF is 3.82Mhz. Can someone tell me what the BW and input/output
> impedance>

Hi Kees,

This filter is one of the family of Collins Low Frequency Mechanical
Filters, which has filters with center freqs between 3.5 and 70 Kcs.
These filters were used for selective tone decoding, reception of the
Omega bcst freqs, etc.

Your filter is speced at 3.82 KHz center, 0.046 kHz @ 3 db,
0.284 KHz at 23 db, 5 db isnersion loss, 2 resonator, in a PA case.
Don't have any specs on the filter Z, but the typical test circuits
shown have a 20 kohm load. The filter wants to see less
than 50 pF on the input or output.


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