WANTED: Main Tuning Knob for RCA AR-88

Russ Hunt wq3x at POSTOFFICE.PTD.NET
Sun Nov 5 17:39:31 EST 2000

Hello all -

Just got one of these heavy, heavy but wonderful receivers from a local ham.
It works great but will need a good cleaning all around. I have always
lusted after them at the hamfests but never knew they were 100 pounders.
Nice symmetry on the front panel layout is what hooked me.

Looking for a main tuning knob - This one is missing.

Later on I'll probably be needing a cabinet bottom cover and also what looks
like it may be an internal cover over the tuning adjustments up top.
Possibly could make these if but not sure what they are supposed to look
like... especially the internal one. (I was wondering why the rcvr kept
getting caught on my truck's passenger seat while we were loading it -
luckily it didn't rip the material!)

Would appreciate any info or comments on possible sources for this stuff.

Thanks and 73,

Russ WQ3X
wq3x at ptd.net

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