Ebay Auction Special ! What do they think ?

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Mon Nov 6 05:52:07 EST 2000

Hello from Vienna !

What I found at Ebay is a description for an antique AM receiver:
Unit is basically complete minus a small knob on the front, five tubes,
three ballast resistors – all easy to come by. Cabinet is walnut and in
need of restoration.
Thats my wish for Christmas this year !
73   de Kurt. OE 1002419 ICQ-UIN 43074273
Kurt from Vienna Austria Please visit my page at:
http://www.swl.net/oe1002419/ or via
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In the "new in postbox" Nov. 2000 page you have:
TR0A/p (AF-089), TE8CH (NA-116), TE8CI (NA-117)
OD5PN/p (AS-108)
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