Allied Radio AX 190 SW Receiver

John Kolb jlkolb at CTS.COM
Tue Nov 7 01:50:26 EST 2000

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, RainDance wrote:

> I have an odd but true boatanchor made by Allied as a model AX 190. This
> is a transistorized model that is HUGE for a transistor model. This is
> in super condition and I can't make it work. The dial system is
> confusing to me. I think it is possible that I might be operating it
> incorrectly. It only gets two stations. I think if I had a manual I
> might get a little further ahead with thiis radio.
> If anybody has a manual for an Allied AX 190 please let me know:
> raindance at

Hardly heavy enough, or dating from the early '70 old enough
to be a true boatanchor but quite a nice looking, medium
quality SW receiver.

It was made in 2 versions, AX-190 for the ham bands, and SX-190
for the SWL bands.

The reading on the main tuning dial is in kHz, and added to the
reading in MHz on the band switch. For the 40 meter ham band,
the bandswitch will be set to 7.0, and the main tuning goes
from 0 to 500, so the freq coverage goes from 7.000 MHz,
7000 kHz, to 7.500 MHz, 7500 kHz. The main tuning dial, 0-500
+ a little more at each end, is the one behind the plastic.
The main tuning knob, itself, has a skirt 0 - 50, for higher
accuracy readout. To be accurate, 0 on that knob has to occur
about at the 0, 50 100, 150, etc marks on the 0-500 main tuning
scale, but for highest accuracy, would be set to zero beat
of the 25 or 100 kHz crystal calibrator, instead. You can
ignore the dial skirt knob for now as you won't need dial
accuracy to the nearest 1 kHz untill you really understand
all the knobs on the receiver.

If the receiver is not broken, the problem is probably
the preselector tuning; turn that to read approximately
the freq indicated by the band and main tuning, then peak it
for highest background static level. Also check that the
RF gain control, behind the AF, audio volume, is all the
way up.

For $ 10.00, I can send you a copy of the service manal, along
with copies of some of the reviews and modification
articles on the set, including a 2 pager I wrote on grinding
down the band switch wiper to allow changing crystals
to receive more bands below 10 MHz, in exchange for fewer

John   KK6IL

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