Johnson Ranger Problem

Roger A. McCarty rmccarty at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Nov 9 00:54:16 EST 2000

 I have one that does this as well. If there are any responses, please use
the list as there may be others with the same problem.


Roger KD6CC
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Subject: Johnson Ranger Problem

> I own two Johnson Rangers, both of which have been totally
> restored and operate perfectly. However, one of the units
> has always had a problem which concerns me. The problem is
> arcing at the "OPERATE" switch whenever one is going in or
> coming out of the "PHONE" and "CW" positions - in other
> words, whenever B+ voltage is applied to the tubes.
> This "spitting", which can be heard (and seen when it is
> dark), always occurred with the one Ranger, even after it
> was totally restored. However, the other unit is and always
> has been absolutely void of this problem. Both units have
> the CW  Keyer board and PTT modifications - and are
> identical, as best I can tell, in every way.
> Does anyone have anything to suggest with respect to the
> cause of this arcing and what might be done to extinguish
> it?
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