Removing Dynomo Labels

Sun Nov 19 10:07:13 EST 2000

I tried OOPS on a Viking 2 a while back and had a problem with it that might
be possible with other glue removal agents as well. In my case here the front
panel had old hardened masking tape stuck to it. I wasn't getting anywhere
with the OOPS at first so I kept applying it every day for several days in an
attempt to allow the tape to absorb the OOPS and soften. After almost a week
most of the tape was soft enough to come off but so was the paint under the
tape. Did the OOPS react with the adhesive in the tape along with the paint
and soften it too? I had heard another tip from an old-timer that I may try
sometime. He said he has always had good results from plain old kerosene with
no possibility of hurting the paint so that might be worth trying out on
something. I like the tip about heat from a hair dryer. Another list member
expressed concern about using heat because of a nearby meter. Possibly a
suitable heat shield could be fashioned or a flat piece of aluminum sheet
used to keep the heat away.

Happy collecting, Greg Gore; WA1KBQ

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