Mil VOM Cal. Instructions Needed

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Sun Nov 19 15:18:59 EST 2000

In this enlightened age of digital meters, there are still some
applications where nothing beats an analog meter.

I've got several HP VTVMS that I've overhauled and calibrated
that work for fine for this but some time back I picked up two
portable battery operated military ME-297/U multimeters. They're
also know as AN/USM-223. Lots of neat features like the option
of 1K or 20K per volt DC, 5K voltage measurement, insufficient
current to wipe out semiconductors, etc.

At any rate, after spending a fortune on a pair of RX-21 4.5
volt alkaline batteries, I find that the calibration of both
instruments is "off" more than I care for. The big 50 ua meter
movements are on the money so I feel confident that the four
or so ten turn trimmer pots inside the beast will handle the

The problem has been in me finding the calibration instructions
and I'd rather not play Russian Roulette with the adjustments.

I have the operators manual TM 11-6625-654-14 dated Sept. 1974
which fails to cover anything of importance. I suspect that the
calibration instructions are either contained on the military
tech manual CD number EM 0068 or in a later printed publication.

I don't need a copy of the entire "later" manual if it exists,
only the few pages that cover the calibration procedure.

If any of you need a copy of the TM 11-6625-654-14 operators
manual, holler back and I'll file attach a 1.6 meg Adobe
Acrobat version to you.

thanks in advance,

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