Surgery Successful-Label Removal

John W. King jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sun Nov 19 17:23:22 EST 2000

Surgery was performed at 12:50 P.M. CST today on a 42 year old Globe
Chief 90 transmitter for the removal of a non-malignant RED DYNO Label.
Spokesperson for the highly skilled team of K5PGW accompanied by the
boatanchors at team reported that the operation only
took about five (5) minutes and appears to have been a COMPLETE SUCCESS!

K5PGW armed with his wife's (K5MOL) hairdryer, heated the diseased Red
label with the hair dryer about 3/4 inch from the label with low speed
high heat directed at the DYMO LABEL. The call sign of the previous
owner began to disappear as the heat caused the raised letters to sink
and flatten out. Then with the great skill K5PGW is known for, he took
his right index finger nail and separated the upper corner of the label
from the panel. Heat was removed and the offending appendage was
skillfully removed with the right thumb and index finger. Only a very
slight amount of rubbery, amber glue remained, which will be easily
GREAT and the Surgical Team is ecstatic!!!!! The procedure will be
written up in the next posting of the American Boatanchor Journal of
Surgery and can be read at boatanchors at Listserv.Tempe. Gov. K5PGW
believes that the Hair dryer, finger nail, and GooGone treatment to be
the safest and most successful remedy. Additionally, k5PGW is elated to
have finally found a use for a hair dryer after many years of baldness.
K5PGW gives heartfelt thanks to all the reflector members who gave
advice and encouragement..

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