New Collins Screen Saver available (#4)

Dave Kelley ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Sun Nov 19 20:59:00 EST 2000


I have just released the latest Collins screen saver.

I made sure it's called something special so you can have all of them
available to you at once if you like....a little variety from time to time
is good.

I want to thank all of you who sent me pictures.  It's obvious that better
digital cameras and scanners are getting into the hands of many of you.
Most were of very good quality.  I apologize to those of you who sent me
images and didn't make it in the final cut.  Maybe next time....if there is
a number 5.  Calls are on all the images that requested it (I hope).  Some
understandably like to share but remain anonymous.  In the past I've had
people ask for owner information about stations in the screen savers.  I
don't do call on the information....sorry.

Anyhow, download and enjoy.  You might remember that you can either run it
right from your browser or download it to put on other machines or pass out
to friends.  Once it is installed you'll need to go to your desktop to set
up your screen saver. (Windows only)  That's a right click on the background
and select Properties.  It should work on all versions of Windows...even
2000.  The size is just over 2 megs.

And for those who are interested in all of the other radio related screen
savers available please feel free to visit my web site at

Thanks again....and Happy Holidays to you all!!



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