Fwd: [Hallicrafters] QCWA needs your help!

Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Thu Nov 23 14:13:55 EST 2000

This is one post that I felt compelled to forward on....
Not many that way but I for one remember this very well
licensed in 1958...If we can still help some of the generals that never
upgraded we should show our support...My
Elmer was licensed in 1944 as a general and at 80 some odd he is still a
general and still upset about incentive licensing ...
Lets all jump on the bandwagon and help out some old timers...

Best 73's   Bob K1JNN/5

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>Here is the URL address if you would like to get more info on the
>By a copy of this e-mail to a large number of my fellow ham friends &
>associates, I am requesting they contact their Division Director and
>voice their opinion as soon as possible.
>The recent changes in the licensing structure added salt to this wound!
>What is fair is fair!  In so much as the ARRl supported the
>restructuring decision by the FCC recently and now should help undo the
>previous injustice.
>Remember in 1967 & 1968 how the ARRL supported the "incentive licensing"
>restructuring?  Now is the opportunity for the ARRL to go back and help
>undo a grave mistake and injustice.
>Unfortunately, many, many old timers that were affected by the 1968
>decision are now silent keys but those that are still alive can be given
>back that what was taken from them!
>When the FCC announced its license restructuring decision just about a
>year ago, one of its main concerns was that no currently licensed hams
>would lose any privileges. That was not the case in 1968, when the FCC
>enacted "incentive licensing." Thousands of General, Conditional, and
>Advanced Class hams lost operating privileges as the HF ham bands were
>carved into subbands for different license classes. Many hams are still
>upset, and now, the Quarter Century Wireless Association says the FCC
>should give back those privileges to any hams who lost them, and who
>haven't upgraded in the intervening 32 years.
>In a petition for rule making filed late October, QCWA asked the FCC
>to require VE's to grant credit for Element 4 -- the Extra
>Class written exam to anyone holding a pre-1968 Conditional, General,
>or Advanced Class license. This would essentially allow those hams an
>"instant upgrade" to Extra without taking an additional exam. The group
>admits there are "at most a few thousand amateur operators" who would
>benefit from the proposal, but it says its primary goal is
>"a prompt ending of the injustice being suffered by those within its

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