[BoatAnchors] Viking Valiant

anchor anchor at EC.RR.COM
Sun Nov 26 07:34:56 EST 2000

Hi John,
    I've been looking at your previous msg describing the problem, and been
meaning t get back to you on it.
    My Valiant has been doing pretty much the same thing, different grid
drive in VFO vs ZERO.  Is the 18k resistor (& 470) the only change you
made?  I thought mine was OK in that area, but do have a new larger wattage
resistor & was planning to relocate it.  Did the same thing to a Ranger
several mths ago.
    I have marked up the skem with colored highliter to see the difference
at the 2 switch positions, and have measured some voltages (external to the
VFO of course, not in there yet).  Couldn't see anything that would cause
the problem.
    It's on the shelf at the moment.  When I feel strong, and have finished
the SP-600 that's up there now, I'll get the Valiant back on the bench.
Can't help you now on the final ckt.
tnx, 73,
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
BoatAnchors appreciated here
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  (both work now, coastalnet will go away soon)

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> Got VFO working. REBUILT insulated Coupling for VFO shaft to planetary
> drive. Moved 18K resistor and 470 ohm resistor out of VFO compartment
> and placed under chasis. Upped 18K resistor to at least 15 watts and
> increased 470 ohm resistor to 2 watts.

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