Viking Valiant

John W. King jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sun Nov 26 04:33:55 EST 2000

Got VFO working. REBUILT insulated Coupling for VFO shaft to planetary
drive. Moved 18K resistor and 470 ohm resistor out of VFO compartment
and placed under chasis. Upped 18K resistor to at least 15 watts and
increased 470 ohm resistor to 2 watts.

One problem left at present. Valiant will not DIP on 40 meters. Dips on
all other band sand loads fine. 40 meters is the problem because cannot
dip finals. Im not sure which caps are the fixed caps in parallel with
the C1 plate resonating cap. . Are they the ones on the rear wafer of
the bandswitch? Which  set of four on the bandswitch, the ones that
switch in when the bandswitch is turned to 40 meters? Your input please.
73, John, K5PGW

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