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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Oct 7 20:38:15 EDT 2000

For sale

Drake 2-A Classic Receiver with noise blanker. Superior condition.
One crystal needs replacing for 15 meters. Otherwise complete and
in excellent operating condition. Pictures available.
Will sell for $265.00

Turner PLUS THREE desk microphone. Amplified, with coil cord,
locking PTT bar.
Very good condition. Will sell for $32.00

Heath HF Station consisting of:  Heath SB-102 transceiver,
Heath SP-600 speaker, Heath HP-23B Supply, Heath SB-620
Monitor Scope, Heath SB-630 Station Monitor
Interconnecting cables provided. Pictures available.
Will sell all as set for $600.00 firm, plus shipping

ME-57 A/U Modulation Meter for 20-1000 Mhz.
Good condition. No manual, but easy to operate.
Will sell for $150.00

TS-418 C/U Signal Generator. Good condition.
Manual included. Will sell for $150.00

Microphone goose neck 12" long with mounting flange for
operating bench with three screws.
Includes microphone adapter for typical vocal mic.
Great for any AM station etc.
Picture available. Will sell for $15.00

CDE AUTOROTOR control unit. Model AR-30 / AR-40
This is a 5-wire controller that will work with several rotators.
Excellent condition. Picture available. Will sell for $18.00

MFJ VHF Wattmeter / SWR meter Model MFJ-812B in excellent
condition, with manual. Picture available. Will sell for $23.00

B & W Low Pass Filter FL-10/1500 Rated for 1500 Watts, with SO-239
Looks really sharp, unused and in "as-new" condition.
Picture available. Will sell for $25.00

RARE Yaesu FF-501DX Low-pass filter. Matches the FT-501DX HF
Black colored with fins. Would also be sharp-looking with the FT-
301 series.
Looks like new. Picture available. Will sell for $22.00

Drake Low-pass filter. Model TV-100LP with the nice copper finish.
Has standard SO-239 connectors. Rated for 100 Watts up to 30 MHz.
Picture available. Will sell for $12.00

B & W 6-Position Antenna switch by Barker & Williamson
Model CS-6G in excellent condition. Really nice unit.
Will sell for $35.00

E.F. Johnson lamps. Part number 549-3001-003
QTY 2.  These are the little pilot lamps with solder leads.
They come in the original Johnson box which looks like it had
come with 12 in it originally. Picture available. Will sell for

Westinghouse Tube Portable AC-DC receiver Model H-557P4. Lime
Green! Unit is in good condition. Has 4 tubes and
operates on 105 to 120 V AC or use internal batteries for 67.5 V
and 1.5V DC.
Interior is in excellent shape. Has familiar 1U5, 1T4, 1S4, 3V4
tube line-up.  Needs a new 1T4 as it does not work, and has a hum
through the speaker. Picture available. $35.00

Lafayette Tube Tester, model TE-55. Nice little compact tester
in a vinyl covered case. Very good condition. Needs documentation.
Picture available. Will sell for only $20.00

ALDA 103 Vintage Solid State HF transceiver for 80, 40 and 20m SSB
and CW. 100 Watts output. Excellent condition, with original
manual and microphone. Pictures available. Will sell for $180.00

Free: SMALL CHASSIS BOX 5" X 2.25" X 2.25" with cover. Has one
octal socket and one transistor socket installed. Homebrew project
"W3WN BAND SPOTTER."  Includes slide ON-OFF switch and battery
clip. Yours free.

Shipping additional on all items.

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