Trade TR-7 for HF amp

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sat Oct 7 08:52:06 EDT 2000

I have a nice TR-7 for trade only. The cabinet is the old, yucky paint and
looks only fair. No major dings or scratches but you know how crappy this
paint gets with time. The front panel, however, looks great. Operationally
the rig is excellent. I recently aligned it to the new 3.0 khz Sherwood
crystal filter I have installed in place of the stock 2.3 khz. The xmit
audio is now always through the new 3.0 filter. I also have a Drake 6.0 and
2.3 installed as optional filters for rcv. I do not remember if the NB-7 is
installed in this or not but I do have a new, never used, in the box NB-7
board that goes with this rig.. I also have a spare digital readout board
(DR-7?) I do not remember the exact nomenclature of the board. Comes with
Drake desk mic although I always used this rig with my hi-fi audio rack with
glowing reports.

Full output 120 watts + on all bands. General coverage rcv/xmit also for you
MARS folks.

I have a good copy of the owners manual. No power supply is included so you
will need to provide your own. I carefully soldered some wire to the plug on
the back where the PS-7 pigtail goes and then this new soldered on wire went
to my Astron RS-35A (not included). I found that I was getting too much RF
into the PS-7.

I would like to trade this rig for an HF amp that covers 160 to 10 or 160 to
15. MUST cover 160. We are both happy with the trade or we trade back. You
will like this TR-7. The only reason I am letting it go is that I have too
many other rigs and need a backup amp until my homebrew amp project is


San Diego 91908

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