BC-348? info needed

Ed Tanton n4xy at ATT.NET
Sun Oct 8 19:34:33 EDT 2000

Hi Ron... it's pretty easy to distinguish between the BC-348-Q & the
BC-348-R. Their tube complements differ sufficiently to let you know pretty
quickly: See lists below:

 *** Note: * indicates a metal tube with a Plate Cap ***

Function   BC-348-R             BC-348-Q
1st RF       6K7*                     6SK7
2nd RF       6K7*                 6SK7
1st DET/OSC 6J7*&6C5              6SA7
1st IF      6K7*                          6SK7
2nd IF     6F7*(Also OSC)         6SK7

BC-348-R:  3rd IF / 2ndDET / AVC:  6B8*;
            OUTPUT: 6K6

BC-348-Q:  3rd IF: 6SJ7;
           2nd DET / AVC / CW OSC: 6SR7;
           OUTPUT: 6K6


BC-348-R: 8 tubes  6B8*; 6C5; 6F7*; 6J7*; 6K6; 3 x 6K7*;
*** Note: * indicates a metal tube with a Plate Cap ***

BC-348-Q: 8 tubes: 6K6; 6SA7; 6SJ7; 5 x 6SK7;
*** Note: NO plate Cap tubes

Anything else I can do, let me know.

73  Ed Tanton  <n4xy at arrl.net>

website: http://www.qsl.net/n4xy/

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