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The message below includes a GREAT web page reference showing how to rebuild
your own capacitors, with words and pictures. Check it out!

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If anyone wants to rebuild their own filter capacitors, my procedure has
recently been updated and is documented here:
I recently changed the way I cut the aluminum can with the Dremel tool, the
material I use to reseal the can, and I now drill and tap the aluminum stubs
and use brass machine screws.  I think this gives better mechanical
integrity to both the solder connections and the aluminum can.  The original
procedure is still shown, and the updates have been added below these.  If
any of you don't want to try this but need it done, I can do these for you.
Check the R-390A page of my website for details.

Walter Wilson
http://www.knology.net/~wewilson  (REAL Radios: R-390A, SX-28A, Viking II,
KWM-2A, ...)

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