BC-348? info needed

Mike mmorrow at COMPANET.NET
Sun Oct 8 21:40:35 EDT 2000

Ron wrote:

> The question is it's a BC-348R, still had the dynamotor
> inside and is marked 28VDC.
> When I pulled it out of the cabinet I found the tag in the back
> if the cabinet says BC-348Q. What's the difference in a
> Q and a R BC-348.


I would add to Ed's information that the BC-348Q type of receiver was,
in my opinion, a slightly simpler radio mechanically and electrically
(compared to the R models) that was obviously not as expensive to build.

I have found that it is extremely common for BC-348 radios to have a
case with a patent-info label in the back that does NOT match the main
chassis.  Especially if the receiver remained in service for a long time
after WWII in an AN/ARC-8 configuration with the AN/ART-13.  I flew on
an active (not Reserve!) USAF T-29 in 1971 that still had the
T-47/ART-13 and BC-348 AN/ARC-8 installed (though it did not appear to
be used often).  These long service sets will often have had many MWOs
on them and a DARE depot repair decal, and frequently a "mis-matched"
case like yours.  I look at it as simply indicating that it had a long
service life.  (However, for my SCR-287 setup I do prefer a BC-348 that
appears to have no post-WWII MWOs, since that would be anachronistic
with the BC-375 transmitters which do not appear to have seen much
post-WWII service.)

My favorite BC-348 is the R model with a 1942 contract date and metal
nomenclature tag.  The plastic tag used in the 1943 contract sets has a
tendency to deteriorate badly, though a gentle application of CLP-Break
Free oil has restored the tag on two of my BC-348R for years between

An excellent website with a lot of information and pictures compiled by
KF6NUR can be found at:


(Since the above URL will probably wrap beyound one line, make sure the
whole line shows up in your URL location box.)

The BC-348 is a great set, especially if it hasn't been "improved" by
some ham's idiotic modifications.

       Mike / KK5F

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