Old German Key

Mon Oct 9 10:59:08 EDT 2000

Just stumbled across this thing here.  I have no need for
it but perhaps it is of value to someone else.

It is a straight key.  The box says Ta.P.  Below that it
reads "vor dem Otfnen Stecker herausziehen"

It is mounted on a metal plate with a spring loaded cable.
The cable needs to be replaced (dried and cracking), the
plug is a 1/4" mono, the box is hinged at the back.

I am uncertain of the value and would appreciate some
informed feedback.  Perhaps I can swap it for something
of equal value that would go well with my Morrow twins.

-  Thanks! & 73, Doc

David M. "Doc" Colburn -- KD4E at arrl.net

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