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Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Sat Oct 14 13:48:12 EDT 2000

For Sale:

1941 ARRL Handbook
Front and back covers are great
Binding is slightly worn.
Includes tube tables, and a nice National
catalog, along with other ads in the back.

1944 ARRL Handbook
Inside and outside in good shape, although the
splint has faded a bit, compared to the front and
back covers.  Lots and lots of ads, including
many for parts.  $ 25

1945 ARRL Handbook
Slight wear on binding, but quite good for its age.
It appears that 2 different types of paper were used,
with one type still very white, and the other somewhat
yellowed.  Many ads, including RCS, UTC, and others.
$ 20

1953 ARRL Handbook
Some wear along the spline at corner of
binding and front cover.  Both covers in great shape.
Hallicrafters, National, and Allied catalogs, among
other ads.  $ 25

1954 ARRL Handbook
Covers and binding looks close to new.
Very hard to believe it is almost 50 years old.
Heath Catalog, E.F. Johnson, and many other
ads in the back.  $ 30

1988 ARRL Handbook
Hard cover.  Great shape.  $ 15

1991 ARRL Handbook
Hard cover.  Great shape   $ 15

1995 ARRL Handbook
Soft cover.  Line new.  $ 15

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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