DowKey coax antenna relays and coax antenna switches FS

Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Sat Oct 14 15:37:13 EDT 2000

For Sale:

Coax antenna relays:

Regular DowKey antenna relay like we used
in the 1960's.  Has 110 V AC coil, and auxiliary
DPDT contacts in addition to the standard SO-239
coax portion.  $ 25

Antenna relay similar to DowKey above, but of unknown
manufacturer. It may just be a different model DowKey,
but I can not find a name on it.  It would perform the
same function of switching the antenna and auxiliary circuits.
This one has a 110 V AC coil, the regular SPDT SO-239 coaxial
contacts, plus DPDT auxiliary contacts that are about twice the
size as the regular DowKey relay.  $ 20

Manual antenna switches:

Waters 375.  This is an actual Waters, before B & W
bought them out.  Six position, with all 7 SO-239
connectors coming out the back, with the common in the
middle of the circle.  It is the "Protax" type, which means
unused positions are grounded.  Knob and faceplate
included for $25.

Waters 341.  Similar to above, but only switches two
antennas.  This one does NOT ground the unused
position.  Knob and faceplate included for $20.

Antenna center insulator:
B & W die cast center insulator for dipoles.
It has a place for the coax (RG-8 size) to come out
the bottom, with screw eyes out each side for the
wire of the dipole.  It also has a place to hang it
for an inverted V, if desired.  MUCH heavier
construction than is used today.  $ 20

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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