To Trade -- Viking Ranger II for Viking Navigator

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Oct 17 02:03:48 EDT 2000

Nice Viking Ranger II (modified for SSB by use of Heathkit SB-10 SSB
Adapter but mod easily backed out). No change to front panel; one pot
and two connectors on rear apron are the only visible changes, except
for one small drilled hole in near left side of cabinet top. (For SSB
adjustment inside)
Cosmetically, the front panel is easily a 9.5. Cabinet is good, no dents
or dings and way above average paint. No repainting necessary.  I have
the original magazine, containing the mod to the Ranger in case you want
to restore it to original.  Easily done.

All tubes test good and B+ present but no power output.  I could spend a
couple of hours in troubleshooting and repairing the rig and then watch
the piranha go crazy on eBay, but I hope to give it a good home in a
trade here and avoid the hassle.

I have another MINT Ranger, so the Ranger II is really excess to my
needs but is really a honey...clean inside and out.

What I want in trade is a sweet Viking Navigator!  I had one as a
teenager many years ago and would dearly love to own one again.
Preferably working but, if not, please give me your best guess as to the
nature of the problem.

Am interested in cosmetic condition 9.0 or above and no corrosion
inside. Preferably no mods.

Will supply photos to any SERIOUS potential trader.  Expect photos of
Navigator in return.  Any takers?

Would possibly consider a straight sale, as well, but would rather trade
for the Navigator.

73 es hope to hear from you,

Ron - K5MVR  (since 1957)

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