2.4514 Mc, 2.4674 Mc, and 2.4834 Mc

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. bratcher at PDQ.NET
Tue Oct 17 12:38:29 EDT 2000

At 02:32 PM 10/16/2000 +1100, you wrote:
>Hello Jeff,
>The general spectrum allocations to maritime mobile around 2 MHz are
>2045-2160 kHz in Region 1, 2065-2107 kHz in Regions 2 & 3, 2170-2173.5
>(1, 2&3), 2190.5-2194 (1,2&3). 2194-2300 kHz (1,2&3) is available but
>shared with other fixed and mobile users. 2173.5-2190.5 is the guard band
>for 2182
>USCG has a good web site describing the various marine channel
>allocations in USA. For 2 MHz look at
>Hope this helps.
>73 Nigel  VK3ZNQ

I haven't heard any USA marine operations in about 10 years on these
frequencies. Last heard was the Galveston Marine operator...


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