National NC-125 Receiver

Larry Knapp kc8jx at YAHOO.COM
Sun Oct 22 20:52:31 EDT 2000

I recently purchased a NC-125 receiver in excellent condition with an original
speaker.  The chassis is clean and appears to be all original components; The
radio works very well on all bands (AM & CW).  This radio completes my Novice
receiver setup back in 1961.

However, I notice what I call lots of "hand capacitance" extremely noticable
when copying code.  Guess I did not notice this when I was a novice.  When ever
I touch the cabinet or wiggle any of the knobs the radio does drift then comes
right back when I am not touching the cabinet.  I am grounding it to the
antenna shorting bar which is currently not attached to either of the other two
antenna terminals as I am using a jumpered connection to coax (from the two
remaining terminals).  The ground system used is the same for all my other old
radios which do not exhibit this condition.  It appears to be firmly connected
to the cabinet & solder connections appear to be good & solid.  Any ideas out
there I can try to gain a more stable receiver?  Or is this just a pheonomia of
this type of old radio?

Appreciate any help in advance - Larry (KC8JX), St. Joseph, Mi

May your days be full of sunshine and good thoughts fill your head.
From: Larry Knapp, KC8JX, St. Joseph, Mi  49085
  Best 73's

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