Free GRC-109 Manuals

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Tue Oct 24 22:45:42 EDT 2000

I've got my grubby little hands on some of the finest scans
of original GRC-109 related manuals you'll ever see. Yes, the
schematics are full sized one page scans. <grin>

They are as follows:

TM 11-5820-474-14 (129 pages) with changes thru C6 for the GRC-109.

TM 11-5122 (69 pages) with changes thru C6 for the G-43/G used
with the GRC-109.

TM 11-5835-224-12 (119 pages) with changes thru C5 for the data
burst keyer used with the GRC-109 and other sets.

What I'm looking for is a website to host these and make them
available for free download and post the information to the list.
Each of the three files are adobe acrobat format and each is in
a separate Zip Archive. The total combined size of all three
archives is 7 megs. I don't have the space on my site or I'd just
post them there.

If you can host these files and have a directory that I can ftp
them to, holler back. After email attaching 120+ files over the
last few days of the GRA-71A and the R390A manual, don't ask me
for a file attach. I only average 21.6K connects with my dial

I want to upload them to several sites and be done with them
and move onto something else.

If that works out, I have GRC-26D files to do the same with.
(Who says blackmail doesn't work?) <grin>


Survival Kit contents check. In them you will find: one 45 caliber
automatic, two boxes of ammunition, four days concentrated emergency
rations, one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills,
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dollars in gold, nine packs of chewing gum, one issue of prophylactics,
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have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff...."   ---Dr.

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