Rick Robinson rerobins at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Thu Apr 5 07:59:27 EDT 2001

I'm looking for an EF Johnson  VFO for my 6N2 transmitter.   I'd like to
find one with all the original knobs, no extra holes, clean but it doesn't
have to be museum quality.   Doesn't need to be in working order, just
complete and restorable.

This will be for my Ranger/6N2 combo up and will be used not resold.  There
are a few of us getting old rigs on VHF AM in the area and I happened to
come across a very nice 6N2 to match my Ranger.

I'd also like to hear from anyone who has or has used a 6N2.

Any help is appreciated.


Rick kf4ar

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