April BAMA update.

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Fri Apr 6 14:34:57 EDT 2001

It's been a while since the last BAMA update.  The system seems to be
working smoothly now with updated software, larger disk drive and an
increase from 5 to 10 for the number of simultaneous ftp connections
allowed.  Problem reports have dropped dramatically since the changes,
so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Despite all the problems, March was
the busiest month ever for BAMA.   I am finally caught up with scanning
and plan to get back to work on my Central Electronics 200V.

Thanks to the BAMA crew for the following contributions to the

    Manual for National NC-190.  From Scott McDonald, KA9P.
    Manual for RCA AR-88 receiver.  From Richard Brunner.
    Revised version (April 2, 2001) of SSB Adapter for SP-600 by David
    Manual for HyGain TH6DXX.  From Gary Fender, W5UUO.
    Manual for AEA Isopole.  From Ian Webb, K6SDE.
    Manual for General Electric YCW-1 Cap-Resis. Bridge.  From D. L.
    Manual for Heathkit GR-54 SWL Receiver.  From Ed Price, WB6WSN.
    Schematic in one file for Heath SB-620.  From Jim Shorney, NU0C.
    Manual for Swan 350 and SB Selector Mod.  From Jerry J. Ingordo,
    Manual for Hallicrafters TR-9 Transceiver.  From Mark Foltarz,
    Schematic for Military Tube Tester TV-7.  From Ian Webb, K6SDE.
    Info on the Harvey-Wells Bandmaster VFO.  From Ron Martinmaki,
    Schematic for Kenwood DM-81 Dip Meter.  From Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
    Manual for Alda 103 Transceiver.  From Randy Randall, KB8ASO.
    Manual for RCA ACR-136 receiver.  From Mark Foltarz, KA4JVY.
    Manual for Swan 250.   From Al Parker, W8UT.
    Manual for Heath HA-201 VHF Amp.  From an unknown source.
    Manual for Johnson Signal Sentry.   From Yves Dussault, VE2ATD.
    Manual for TMC TAC-1 Antenna Tuner.   From Mark Foltarz, KA4JVY.
   Assembly manual for Johnson Viking II.  From Jim Jackson.
   Schematic of Heath HM-2140A Dual Meter HF Wattmeter.  From Bob Ball,
   Addendum for HQ-110VHF and HQ-170VHF.  2 mx conv. and 6 mx preamp.

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