BAMA needs your help!

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Fri Apr 6 15:27:32 EDT 2001

Here is a list of requested manuals for the BAMA collection.  If you can
help by scanning and uploading any of these that  you happen to have in
your files, it is a fact that you will make someone's day!!!  If you
don't have a scanner and want to help, you can send a good copy of your
manual and I will scan it for you.  Since BAMA is a free cooperative
undertaking, your compensation will not be enough to retire on, but you
are certain to earn the gratitude of other Boatanchorites.

Aerovox model 76 cap./res. bridge
Boonton 202 H signal generator (VHF) and 260AP Q-meter.
Central Electronics MM-1 and DQ (Q-multiplier).
Dentron GLA-1000C
Drake TC-6
Elenco SS-75
Gonset 3089 VHF Amplifier
Gonset G-50 and GR-212
Hallicrafters  SR-75
Hammarlund  Model E Signal Generator
Heathkit GR-78 Receiver
Heath SB-620 technical and alignment pages
Hickok 610A Tube Tester and 1890 Transistor Tester
Howard 435, 436, 437 receivers, 650 preselector and 660 freq. monitor.
Hughes-Mitchell X-EC Frequency Control
Johnson Viking II Assembly instructions
Magnum 6 (any except the Heath version)
Millen 90921 Scope Sweep Amp.
Morrow  PW-75
National RAS series
Pace 2m Communicator II
Panoramic SB-3 (civilian version of BC-1031C)
Precision 202 Signal Tracer and 960 Diode and Transistor tester
RCA WT110A card type tube tester
REDI-KILOWATT keyer model 401
RME-50 receiver
Sprague TCA-1 Capacitor Analyzer
Superior Instruments 650 and TW-11
TMC SBT-350 Transmitter

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