Electro-Voice Model 1000 Speech Clipper

Russ Hunt wq3x at POSTOFFICE.PTD.NET
Fri Apr 6 18:47:24 EDT 2001

Hi -
I picked up a E-V Model 1000 Speech Clipper for $1 at the Timonium fest last
weekend.  Anyone have one or have any info on them? Mine is missing one of
the 2 octal tubes. The one in it is a 6SC7 (1655) metal tube but I have no
idea about the other one as they are not labeled on the chassis. It appears
to be a late '40s early '50s item. I have emailed E-V (now part of Telex I
gather) and they are looking into it but nothing found in their archives
yet. I will put up a pic or two on my website if anyone expresses an
interest in seeing such a critter. It was worth the buck - kind of a neat
unit. Would trade it for a Collins 55G-1 preselector or KW-1 - even up!
73, Russ WQ3X
wq3x at ptd.net

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