UPS-Proof Packing

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Apr 23 22:55:21 EDT 2001


I've seen several posts lately either here or on the Collins reflector
on adequate packaging for older tube-type rigs but apparently failed to
save any of the posts.

Would someone forward me one of the emails that you believe sums up the
very best method to pack rigs that will be handled by the UPS gorillas?
This rig will be a Johnson Viking Navigator and it just must NOT arrive
here damaged.

I want to send the shipper some very explicit instructions, and your
help would be most appreciated.  I don't want to go the "foam in a can"
method but seem to remember quite a bit of consensus on the use of
"builder's foam sheets" available at places like Home Depot.

Thanks in advance!  I know this topic is of interest to us all and I
thought I had saved several posts but now can't find a one.  Senior
moments seem to be coming with increasing frequency all the time now.
All your comments will be appreciated.


Ron - K5MVR

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